A simple way note taking, Google’s Keep

Innovation – may be the most favourite word of Google. From Search to everything, Google has its own innovation that becomes the part of human life.

Like, now Google’s keep is the new note taking app that is rival of evernote.Google has released Keep for both Web and Smartphone/Tablet which you can download by just clicking the link.

Image     ImageKeep helps to take notes, record voice notes, store photos, creating checklists, etc., Google has announced it’s release a few days a back and now it is almost here. U can note your born ideas from wherever you are and gets it whenever you want. The notes you are taking are safe in the cloud and also available on the web.

The best one i like the most is color code note which helps us to identify the notes by the color we given. You can add, save, edit the notes either from through the website or the phone and even also through the google Drive account. New Google keep is available only for the Smartphone user who has Android 4.0 and above.

User Reviews :

Good start on a new service. I’m impressed at the Ui and attention to detail especially. I might even switch from Evernote if Google keeps it up. – Karl Wright

Simple to use, however would like to see option to add photos to notes. Can only add photos from camera at the moment. Also would like to see some sort of import note from external sources function Nice clean interface as well. – Patrick Mak

It may the tight competition with Evernote. Its the time and user decides who is the best. Best of Luck Google 🙂

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TakeOut : A way out to download Blogger and Google+ Pages

Google is well known for innovation which always trying to lessen the human effort. As always, an another new way Google gifts to all fans to download blogger blogs and Google+ pages through its new data porting tool named “TakeOut” now displayed as “Takeaway”.


Google allows the user to get their data through accepted formats. Blogger data can be downloaded through TakeOut in Atom XML format. As like, user can download the Google+ pages in two accepted formats specifically html files for the posts in Your Page and json for the circles that your page is part of.

TakeOut  developed the team called “The Data Liberation” whose only major goal is easier the way data in and out from Google. Bloggers can feel the pleasure to export their data at once to export data from Google through the data porting tool.

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Story of Google

The name “Google” reminds me the synonym of  “Explore”. It is an Ocean and there is a lot to explore in it. Even its possible to have the universe at our desk with Google.  This shore up their name and popularity through a magic called ”Innovation” and “Faith in Data”. Google was named after the number Googol which means One followed by hundred Zeroes. They primarily focused on Search and satisfies millions of its users through its ground-breaking stuffs and glued its foot prints at every corner of the Internet World that shrivelled the globe in our hands.






Google’s journey started by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996-97 in Stanford University while they were students. Andy Bechtolsheim, the co founder of Sun microsystems  who later became an investor, funded  $100,000 in 1998 as Google’s first start-up venture capital. And in 1999, they received  $25 million as venture capital which bolstered their growth and fame further. Google search is the top search engine with supported backend of over 80,000 to 100,000 servers and also with over fifty percent market share and it is one of the top three most visited websites which is localized over One hundred and fifty countries with one hundred and seventeen languages option.



Google went with public in 2004 which was initially in USA and raised $1.67 Billion. Google frequently update them with new modernized innovative stuffs that lured people in and around the world and recorded over 100million searches being conducted daily by 2000. It started advertising programs in 2002-03 using AdSense and AdWords. The amazing intensification of Google made NASA and AOL to be partnered with it in 2005. The stocks was added to S&P with 500 index in 2006. The future of search engines depends on the reliability of data that was being searched by the user which is the basic foundation of Google search. By march 5, 2011 Google processes 1,000,000,000 queries per day.




The major acquisitions of Google are Blogger from pyra labs in 2003 for blogging,  Picasa for photo sharing and management and Keyhole for Google maps and Google Earth in 2004, Android Inc., a Linux based OS developer in 2005, YouTube in 2006 for online video streaming, Feed burner for RSS feeds in 2006 and Double Click for online advertising in 2007. The same year Google purchased GrandCentral which would be changed over to Google Voice which is still in Beta. On 2009,  On2 Technologies, the video software maker company, was conquered by Google. Google also acquired Aardvark, a social network search engine, Agnilux for hardware start-up and also had an announcement  on 2011, August 15,that Google would acquire Motorola Mobility which makes them even stronger through manufacturing Google Brand mobile Phones with Android OS.


Google is the permutation of all above stuffs which feeds the hunger of Google users.

Google in progress with a great rebellion in the world of phones and tablets through its OS. In addition to Search tool, Google also provides other services like Google News, Google Instant search from September 8, 2010, Google maps, Google Earth,Google News, Google Suggest from September 8, 2010, Google Docs, Picasa, Panaromio, YouTube, Google Blog, Google Translate, etc., Google is now changing its design and user interface for its every product like Gmail and others to lure its customer towards its new born social network called Google Plus which recently allows its user to create pages for brands too.




Owing to Users’ interest in google and increasing usage of Google including Search, the term Google is added in Dictionary as verb. The journey of Google is attention-grabbing which has only ups and impressing millions of users from its start till now . Its just a beginning of the race and They ongoing with their nourishing innovation to be first in the race in the future too.

-Jomson George

Top Seven Blogs

Blogging is an art of ensnaring people through writing to be an active reader of the blog. In the infinite world of Internet, Blogging has its own trademarked position. Its not only enhancing the people’s mind with current information but also helps to earn money through it. Also many organizations post blogs in their websites to promote their marketing. Blogger can buy an own blog with desired domain name and also many online service providers allow them to use free blogging platforms through which they can reach people with current news and information. The top seven blogging platforms are discussed here for effectual blogging.




WordPress is one of the hugely used free blog that has both hosted and self-installed versions. This is an opensource and a large community blog which was released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and it is powered by PHP and MySQL. The features that lure user are the plug-ins, widgets and  themes which makes the blog even more interactive.. This is the blog that has evolved into a full Content Management System (CMS). The hosted blog doesn’t allow the user to put ads on the blog but the self-installed version does. ( click here to start blogging with WordPress)



Blogger is still a huge populated blog which is advisable for a newbie to learn how to explore and manage a blog. It also provides various tools and control interfaces for blogging. It was started by Pyre labs, later acquired by Google in 2003 which renamed its extension as blogspot.com. It allows the blogger to put ads using Adsense of Google. It permits the blogger to interact with social networking sites and its reliability made this as a solid choice of the users. ( For Start blogging with this Google Product, Click here.)



Tumblr is one of the fastest growing top ranked blogging platform founded by David Karp in 2007 with Marco Arment. The appealing feature of this blog is micro-blogging service which allows posting short messages on the web like tweeting in twitter. It is very user friendly and easy to setup but the themes and the blogging contents are very limited. Tumblr is the right option for the creative business venture like Photography, Fashion designing, musicians, etc., (Go to Tumblr for enjoying free blogging)



Movable Type is an another open-source blogging platform which is a worth mentioning competitor in the blogging world, developed by the company Six Apart in 2001. Later in 2007, it was re-licensed as free software under GNU General Public License. This platform is a clear choice for many companies and organizations since it is adaptable to any changes in mainstream web traffic. It allows the user to create multiple account without any restrictions which shore up this platform among the blogging world. ( Enjoy blogging with Movable Type)



Posterous or Posterous Space is a simple spacious free content blogging platform developed by Posterous Inc. in 2008. Their major mission is making mobile blogging as easy as possible. It is an improved blogging platform which provides social networking tools and services, free web-host extension, etc.,  They provide easiest setup and updating process and also allow posting the contents to blog via email. PicPosterous application allows iPhone user to post pictures to the posterous page. (Go to Posterous)



Weebly is online blogging platform which let users to create free website on the web with a few clicks. It was released in 2006. It provides trendy themes and widgets for the blogger to choose from. One of the best feature of weebly is that it provides unlimited bandwidth and and so it is an  inevitable choice for most bloggers. (click here to Create free websites with Weebly)



Another free cum well interactive blogging platform is Bravenet which is also a free hosting service provider. It was founded in 1997 started providing  free web tools with which the user can design a blog or website without any charge. They provide bandwidth of  1.5 GB monthly and also storage of 50MB absolutely free for every users. Registration and installation of Bravenet is trouble-free through which the user can enjoy all the services of this blog at free of cost. ( For register with Bravenet , click on the link)

Rooting an Android phone

Android is a Linux based Operating System that are mostly imported in phones and tablets nowadays. It usually comes with standard user access to its user. Hence through rooting the user becomes super user who can update the core system of  OS, can install applications at core level without using .apk installation files, can access system partition, can modify protected system files, can change their permissions, and so on.


The term “ROOTING”  which is parallel to “Jail breaking”, born when the world saw the first Android in 2008. Rooting is the process of  overcoming the limitations that put by the carriers or the device manufactures. Through rooting the user can attain the full control over the android device by regaining the privileged control within the Android Linux subsystem.

Before rooting an Android Phone, just keep in mind the following things:

  1. Rooting will void the warranty of  your Android Phone
  2. Use only regularly updated Guide to root your phone since it may not harm the process of rooting
  3. Its important to backup your total phone by installing any of the custom recovery image for example the popular Clockwork mode
  4. Learn to unroot your phone before rooting
  5. Rooting enables you to upgrade your current Android OS with the new one as the updates evolved everyday

How to Root an Android Phone.?

Rooting an android phone is similar to jailbreaking an iPhone which will faster the performance, add the different settings as we like. Rooting an Android Phones can be carried out with the softwares like SuperOneClick, Z4Root, Universal AndRoot, Superboot, etc., that can be easily downloaded from the Internet.  But the rooting procedure of android varies from device to device. But the common procedures are discussed here. Here is the procedure for rooting Nexus One android phone: The steps are as follows:

Step I:

Initially you have to download and install SuperOneClick on your desktop, an application which allows rooting an Android phone like Samsung Nexus one, Galaxy S, Droid, etc,.

Step II:

The next process is to connect your phone to the computer and you should not mount your SD card after connecting.

Step III:

Now select Phone setting and enables USB debugging and after this has been done, run SuperOneClick.exe which you have previously installed.

Step IV:

If you wish to root your Android, click the Universal Tab on your phone and click Samsung Captivate if you are using Samsung Android.

Step V:

Now root your Android  and click on Root Tab and wait for the rooting process has to be completed. Finally the rooting has done which makes you the SuperUser to access to your Android to the core.

Through Rooting you get the root permission on your device which is equivalent to running programs as administrators in windows. You can manage your device with new ROM managers and different add-ons. But if you don’t like them, just restore all your settings and applications  what you have already backed up.

Facebook released a new instagram type App’FACEBOOK CAMERA’


facebook after acquiring instagram on april 2012 for 1billion dollars
now it has released an ios app identical to instagram


like instagram you can upload multiple photos at a time
you can crop,rotate and apply filters to your pictures
this app can be downloaded for free to your apple devices from APP STORE… 🙂

-Jobin j0y

Facebook Timeline- Benefits and Pitfalls

Facebook, a social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg, wins the hearts of millions of users through their unique and innovative experiments. They have approximately 750 million users using in different countries and in different languages which proves that It has a universal appreciation. Facebook changes their profile design frequently to catch the attention of its customers. On F8 conference, They have announced the release of new profile design called Facebook Timeline which is “a story of your life”, says Mark Zuckerberg.



Now its easy to get invite for facebook timeline feature. To activate it on your profile  Click here and follow the steps in the tutorial


What Zuckerberg says..?

“You can say your story of life on a single Facebook page”, says Zuckerberg. With this Timeline feature, Facebook allows the user to have all their needed information on the same spot which reduces the stress of searching through organizing it as a long scrolling story of our past.

Entire Content On a Single Page

It allows you to make what others want to see in your profile even though it lists all your stories on a single page. You can hide certain activity from others but it is still visible to you with the a blue dot on the central timeline which jog your memory that it is hidden for others. It provides better interfaces which gives the professional look to your profile than before which allows to see all your recent activities on a grid.

This is how your profile looks after adding the Timeline feature

Make Profile as You want

This feature allows you to add cover image to your profile than adding thumbnail images and customize your favourites on your profile through which you can edit your profile display as you wish. It also allows you to hide the advertisements on your page by simply clicking on ‘X’ symbol.

Know your Friends

Knowing your each friend’s updates are little tedious through visiting their profile every time   whenever you want. But timeline makes it easy which allows you to see their each and every updates on their profile by staying on your profile page. It customize the profile interfaces even more easier than before.

Enhances Marketing


The major drawback of this feature is security. This will resurrect the information what you thought buried and so it is easy to access the user’s personal information which leads to mismanagement of the user’s data. It increases the risk of being cracked your profile by hackers if it doesn’t protected with privacy settings.


Updates on your Profile


The content you post now or on the far past can be easily located which also been subjected to some security  problems. This feature allows you to subscribe to your personal favourites which also increases the SPAM on your mail box.

Content Sharing

Sharing images or post with your friends doesn’t protect your privacy. Its always being doubted whether the social networks killing privacy of its user. Now the timeline feature strengthen that doubts which seems privacy is just an illusion for most of the users.

If you feel, using Facebook Timeline is involving privacy threats or so annoying, Get the tutorial to delete Timeline Feature.

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Safe Internet Search Engines For Kids

When we think about Internet, the first think comes to our mind is “SEARCH ENGINE”. We know that search engines like Google, Bing, Etc., are mostly used by the people around the globe. But all the search engines including the top engines are not safe for kids as it may direct them to the wrong lane. Even though some softwares for filtering or tracking website are used by Parents for their kid’s safe search, it may not be that much effective. Hence its better to switch to kid’s safe search engine instead of using the normal one. So we are suggesting some kid’s search engines for parents for your child’s safe search.



Boolify is one of the best safe search engine for kids. Usually kids feel very much difficult to understand Boolean operations like AND,OR,NOT, etc,.  The developers built the engine with this in mind and hence kids can easily learn boolean functions while searching in web. Kids can search for a topic in web by building words and connect them with “word” and “boolean operator” pieces. Search ing is simple because all to do is, drag the word pieces to center and construct the search. The operators can be used to combine the keywords.

Quintura For Kids


This is a yahoo powered search engine which impress every kids with its design, animation and cartoon visuals. It usually built with cloud of keywords with which the Kid can perform the search. If the keyword is not shown in cloud, Search bar allows to enter the keyword as desired. While searching, it shows five results per page and links below to get further results. Quitura cloud contains the necessary topic for every kids education.

Ask Kids


Ask kids is a simple and easy use search engine for kids which is powered by ask.com. It provides simple user interface which doesn’t create difficultness for a search. The notebook style home page welcomes with a search bar to enter the search keyword and some lists like movies, games, etc, for direct search of those things. It pulls the search content through its parent engine Ask.com but remains safer for every kids.

Yahoo kids

yahoo for kids

Yahoo kid is a another yahoo powered interactive search engine. It is ver exclusive to kids which offers search from music to games and a lot. The home page if full of cool stuffs that that grabs the attention of every kids and the search bar is at the top right. Search results take you to tha kids directory and some selected keywords are listed for easy search. It also provides kids movies to enjoy once if they get bored.



Every kid who loves cartoon will get very much impressed by this search engine which welcome with a cartoonic picture of a dinosaur at the right side of search bar. It is google powered search engine for kids. Even though it has its own database of inappropriate websites, this very safer for kids as it keeps all the data clean  as it allows only kids related searches. This page is mostly attracted by small children but the bulk of search results makes the age messy.

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Some Web-pages You find Useful…!

The world is at your Hand through the growth of Internet world. The web world meant a lot to human kind. Nowadays, It is for easy for people to find help through web than approaching a neighborhood. There is a lots of blogs and forums through which anyone can find help across the world whenever needed by staying at your home. Here we comes with some websites which you find useful for hospitality, travelling, getting current information and so on.


Searching help for medical treatments is increasing in this fast running world. Many are approaching internet for medical help which may not work well for common illness. So two doctors named, Dr. Arbinder Singal and Dr. Debraj Shome  founded mediangels.com for helping people for their medical problems. It boasts of 300 doctors in over 85 specialists from 22 countries and  also possess 21000 labs across the globe. So it is now easy for you to be in touch with any doctors at any time among them. They provide two options to contact doctors namely eQuery and eConsult. The former allows you to ask simple doubts without uploading your reports to the doctor with whom you are in touch and the later permits you to consult an expert with whom you can discuss your serious medical problems after uploading your reports. eQuery costs Rs.250 and eConsult costs Rs.500.


Nowadays it is very easy to learn a language from the place where you are, without going for a tuition.  Tumbolo.org is such a website which helps people to learn new languages . There are a few sites that focus on Indian languages to learn and this is one of it. It offers French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chines, Arabic and some Indian languages namely Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and others will be expected soon. You can start learning a language from numbers, colors, genders , etc,. It also makes you know common words to converse with strangers when you are out of station. This provides an easy interface to learn those languages with English translation on the side. So don’t be afraid of language anymore, start learning the languages before you visiting any place.


People still needs newspaper even though the technology has been evolved so larger. So if you have the habit of reading news paper, this is the place for you to know all the current information through a click. It provides all the news from politics to sports. In a short span of time, it gained popularity among the crowd of people for its excellency in providing up to date information gathered across the world. Apart from new reading, it also permits you to interact through interesting blogs, allows video sharing and also national and international updates. The editor’s special, picture with interesting articles ant bits engaged you with some interesting thoughts. Go for it to update yourself with current news.


Its difficult for people find vehicles while starting a travel and so most of them go for Call cabs but it does not suit for common middle-class people as per the current situation. So most of them prefer auto rickshaws for travelling but its a little tedious for people to find it at the right time. So here comes the Rickshawale.com (0 22 25747474), 24 hour service, has recently launched specially for Mumbai Indians, which reduces the pain of searching Rickshaw around the town during a travel. Call rickshaws have been arrived in some places of India such as Pune (0 9922904000), Gurgaon (autocall.co.in) and Haryana (radiotuktuk.com). Each of their rickshaws has been attached with tracking GSM devices through which it can be tracked easily based on the customer’s location.  You can book auto rickshaw at any time to pick you, after dropping your starting and destination place. Through tracking device your vehicle will be watched for your smooth and safe journey. At the end of  journey, you will have to pay the meter charge and some extra convenience charges. Services like these are definitely welcome and hope it will be started in every places of India.

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Five Accidental Inventions

Ice cream cones:

An Ice cream stall at the 1904 world fair in St Louis,USA,ran

out of dishes.the neighbouring stall sold wafers.Thin waffles

and the stall holder came up with the idea of rolling them

into a cone and topping with Ice cream.


While setting up a cathode ray generator in 1895,Wilhelm

Roentgen noticed a faint fluroscent effect on a chemical

coated screen in the room.He had discovered invisible X-rays

which pass through Cardboard,Wood,and Paper,but not through


Synthetic Dye

In 1856,William Perkin was attempting to treat Malaria but the

experiment produced nothing but a purple mess.Perkin spotted

an oppurtunity at once, and set up a factory to produce the

first Synthetic Dye.


A Chocolate bar in Percy Spencer’s pocket melted as he stood

in the path of a radiation from a radar generating machine in

1945.He put corn kernels in the path of the beams,and they

popped.He had discoverd the principle behind the microwave


Post it Notes

(A unique low-tack adhesive allows the notes to be easily
attached and removed without leaving marks or residue.)
In 1968 Spencer Silver was trying to find a new strong

adhesive and came up with a glue that didn’t even hold pieces

of paper together firmly.In 1974 Co-worker Arthur

thought of

a use for the non-sticky adhesive and the Post-it note was


-Johnson Varghese..