Blogging is an art of ensnaring people through writing to be an active reader of the blog. In the infinite world of Internet, Blogging has its own trademarked position. Its not only enhancing the people’s mind with current information but also helps to earn money through it. Also many organizations post blogs in their websites to promote their marketing. Blogger can buy an own blog with desired domain name and also many online service providers allow them to use free blogging platforms through which they can reach people with current news and information. The top seven blogging platforms are discussed here for effectual blogging.




WordPress is one of the hugely used free blog that has both hosted and self-installed versions. This is an opensource and a large community blog which was released in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and it is powered by PHP and MySQL. The features that lure user are the plug-ins, widgets and  themes which makes the blog even more interactive.. This is the blog that has evolved into a full Content Management System (CMS). The hosted blog doesn’t allow the user to put ads on the blog but the self-installed version does. ( click here to start blogging with WordPress)



Blogger is still a huge populated blog which is advisable for a newbie to learn how to explore and manage a blog. It also provides various tools and control interfaces for blogging. It was started by Pyre labs, later acquired by Google in 2003 which renamed its extension as It allows the blogger to put ads using Adsense of Google. It permits the blogger to interact with social networking sites and its reliability made this as a solid choice of the users. ( For Start blogging with this Google Product, Click here.)



Tumblr is one of the fastest growing top ranked blogging platform founded by David Karp in 2007 with Marco Arment. The appealing feature of this blog is micro-blogging service which allows posting short messages on the web like tweeting in twitter. It is very user friendly and easy to setup but the themes and the blogging contents are very limited. Tumblr is the right option for the creative business venture like Photography, Fashion designing, musicians, etc., (Go to Tumblr for enjoying free blogging)



Movable Type is an another open-source blogging platform which is a worth mentioning competitor in the blogging world, developed by the company Six Apart in 2001. Later in 2007, it was re-licensed as free software under GNU General Public License. This platform is a clear choice for many companies and organizations since it is adaptable to any changes in mainstream web traffic. It allows the user to create multiple account without any restrictions which shore up this platform among the blogging world. ( Enjoy blogging with Movable Type)



Posterous or Posterous Space is a simple spacious free content blogging platform developed by Posterous Inc. in 2008. Their major mission is making mobile blogging as easy as possible. It is an improved blogging platform which provides social networking tools and services, free web-host extension, etc.,  They provide easiest setup and updating process and also allow posting the contents to blog via email. PicPosterous application allows iPhone user to post pictures to the posterous page. (Go to Posterous)



Weebly is online blogging platform which let users to create free website on the web with a few clicks. It was released in 2006. It provides trendy themes and widgets for the blogger to choose from. One of the best feature of weebly is that it provides unlimited bandwidth and and so it is an  inevitable choice for most bloggers. (click here to Create free websites with Weebly)



Another free cum well interactive blogging platform is Bravenet which is also a free hosting service provider. It was founded in 1997 started providing  free web tools with which the user can design a blog or website without any charge. They provide bandwidth of  1.5 GB monthly and also storage of 50MB absolutely free for every users. Registration and installation of Bravenet is trouble-free through which the user can enjoy all the services of this blog at free of cost. ( For register with Bravenet , click on the link)


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