Ice cream cones:

An Ice cream stall at the 1904 world fair in St Louis,USA,ran

out of dishes.the neighbouring stall sold wafers.Thin waffles

and the stall holder came up with the idea of rolling them

into a cone and topping with Ice cream.


While setting up a cathode ray generator in 1895,Wilhelm

Roentgen noticed a faint fluroscent effect on a chemical

coated screen in the room.He had discovered invisible X-rays

which pass through Cardboard,Wood,and Paper,but not through


Synthetic Dye

In 1856,William Perkin was attempting to treat Malaria but the

experiment produced nothing but a purple mess.Perkin spotted

an oppurtunity at once, and set up a factory to produce the

first Synthetic Dye.


A Chocolate bar in Percy Spencer’s pocket melted as he stood

in the path of a radiation from a radar generating machine in

1945.He put corn kernels in the path of the beams,and they

popped.He had discoverd the principle behind the microwave


Post it Notes

(A unique low-tack adhesive allows the notes to be easily
attached and removed without leaving marks or residue.)
In 1968 Spencer Silver was trying to find a new strong

adhesive and came up with a glue that didn’t even hold pieces

of paper together firmly.In 1974 Co-worker Arthur

thought of

a use for the non-sticky adhesive and the Post-it note was


-Johnson Varghese..


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