Innovation – may be the most favourite word of Google. From Search to everything, Google has its own innovation that becomes the part of human life.

Like, now Google’s keep is the new note taking app that is rival of evernote.Google has released Keep for both Web and Smartphone/Tablet which you can download by just clicking the link.

Image     ImageKeep helps to take notes, record voice notes, store photos, creating checklists, etc., Google has announced it’s release a few days a back and now it is almost here. U can note your born ideas from wherever you are and gets it whenever you want. The notes you are taking are safe in the cloud and also available on the web.

The best one i like the most is color code note which helps us to identify the notes by the color we given. You can add, save, edit the notes either from through the website or the phone and even also through the google Drive account. New Google keep is available only for the Smartphone user who has Android 4.0 and above.

User Reviews :

Good start on a new service. I’m impressed at the Ui and attention to detail especially. I might even switch from Evernote if Google keeps it up. – Karl Wright

Simple to use, however would like to see option to add photos to notes. Can only add photos from camera at the moment. Also would like to see some sort of import note from external sources function Nice clean interface as well. – Patrick Mak

It may the tight competition with Evernote. Its the time and user decides who is the best. Best of Luck Google 🙂

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