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The world is at your Hand through the growth of Internet world. The web world meant a lot to human kind. Nowadays, It is for easy for people to find help through web than approaching a neighborhood. There is a lots of blogs and forums through which anyone can find help across the world whenever needed by staying at your home. Here we comes with some websites which you find useful for hospitality, travelling, getting current information and so on.

Searching help for medical treatments is increasing in this fast running world. Many are approaching internet for medical help which may not work well for common illness. So two doctors named, Dr. Arbinder Singal and Dr. Debraj Shome  founded for helping people for their medical problems. It boasts of 300 doctors in over 85 specialists from 22 countries and  also possess 21000 labs across the globe. So it is now easy for you to be in touch with any doctors at any time among them. They provide two options to contact doctors namely eQuery and eConsult. The former allows you to ask simple doubts without uploading your reports to the doctor with whom you are in touch and the later permits you to consult an expert with whom you can discuss your serious medical problems after uploading your reports. eQuery costs Rs.250 and eConsult costs Rs.500.

Nowadays it is very easy to learn a language from the place where you are, without going for a tuition. is such a website which helps people to learn new languages . There are a few sites that focus on Indian languages to learn and this is one of it. It offers French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chines, Arabic and some Indian languages namely Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and others will be expected soon. You can start learning a language from numbers, colors, genders , etc,. It also makes you know common words to converse with strangers when you are out of station. This provides an easy interface to learn those languages with English translation on the side. So don’t be afraid of language anymore, start learning the languages before you visiting any place.

People still needs newspaper even though the technology has been evolved so larger. So if you have the habit of reading news paper, this is the place for you to know all the current information through a click. It provides all the news from politics to sports. In a short span of time, it gained popularity among the crowd of people for its excellency in providing up to date information gathered across the world. Apart from new reading, it also permits you to interact through interesting blogs, allows video sharing and also national and international updates. The editor’s special, picture with interesting articles ant bits engaged you with some interesting thoughts. Go for it to update yourself with current news.

Its difficult for people find vehicles while starting a travel and so most of them go for Call cabs but it does not suit for common middle-class people as per the current situation. So most of them prefer auto rickshaws for travelling but its a little tedious for people to find it at the right time. So here comes the (0 22 25747474), 24 hour service, has recently launched specially for Mumbai Indians, which reduces the pain of searching Rickshaw around the town during a travel. Call rickshaws have been arrived in some places of India such as Pune (0 9922904000), Gurgaon ( and Haryana ( Each of their rickshaws has been attached with tracking GSM devices through which it can be tracked easily based on the customer’s location.  You can book auto rickshaw at any time to pick you, after dropping your starting and destination place. Through tracking device your vehicle will be watched for your smooth and safe journey. At the end of  journey, you will have to pay the meter charge and some extra convenience charges. Services like these are definitely welcome and hope it will be started in every places of India.

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By- Jomson George


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